Vilis Arveds HaznersCIA Files, Volume 1

Volume 1 coincides with the period through the twentieth anniversary of the Soviet occupation of Latvia (June, 1960).

[1]TPTONIC (formerly QKIVORY) refers to National Committee for a Free Europe (NCFE) and its subcommittees. Vilis Janums associated with TPTONIC.
[2]AEMARSH (1953-59) involved collecting foreign intelligence on the Soviet regime in Latvia through sources residing in the Latvian SSR, legal travelers, and all possible legal means. The Institute for Latvian Culture (AEMINX) was established as a cover facility engaged in the preservation and development of Latvian national culture, collection of information on Latvian national life, and the safeguarding and preserving of physical, spiritual, and moral conditions of Latvians who were separated from their homeland.—at, retrieved 22-January-2015
[3] Period changed into an exclamation mark, document includes a good deal of scrawling in addition to the usual declassification redaction.

Updated: October, 2016

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