Vilis Arveds HāznersINS Deportation Proceedings

Reviewing the entire proceedings is beyond our scope based on the sheer volume of court documents. Filings by the government and by Hāzners defense have been published in the second volume of Hāzners' memoir, Varmācības Torņi ("Towers of Tyranny"). According to the government's count per its post-trial brief, nearly 1,400 pages of transcripts were generated during the course of the case.

We have reproduced, in full:

  1. the OSI's post-trial brief—annotated to point out the government shilling Soviet propaganda as history and lying about the content of German reports, et al; and
  2. the judicial review of the proceedings and denial of the OSI's motion for appeal—Alan A. Ryan, Jr. contends Hāzners is a war criminal because he was awarded the Iron Cross for bravery—signed by Hitler.

We have not included the defense's response to the OSI's brief because the final judicial review sufficiently covers all the relevant points, including those made by Hāzners' defense. Concurrently, owing to archival materials now available on the Internet, we have been able to construct a far richer annotation of the OSI's brief than possible at its issuance forty-one years ago.

To keep in mind:

  • Alan A. Ryan, Jr. has vehemently denied Soviet influence, yet the INS, in its brief, introduced Soviet propaganda
    • simply stating it as fact;
    • through witness testimony to events which never happened; and
    • by misconstruing and lying about Nuremberg trial transcripts and German reports.
  • German authorities concluded their investigation of Hāzners more than a year prior to the INS's show cause order, and informed the INS of no evidence found in response to its inquiry—raising the questions:
    • how is it that the INS subsequently found seventeen witnesses to fly in to testify against Hāzners? (plus reached out to Soviet authorities for an eighteenth?) and
    • is there anything to be gathered from the government putting far fewer on the stand and mentioning even fewer in its brief?

Rabbi Paul Silton, who led students wearing "DEATH TO HAZNERS" T-shirts in protest in front of Hāzner's home and founded Holocaust Survivors and Friends in Pursuit of Justice as a response to the INS charged brought against Hāzners, maintained years afterwards (1991) that Hāzners escaped justice because the government botched the case, and that the judge had, in fact, declared Hāzners guilty of war crimes. We were not present at the proceedings, but, given Silton's obsession over Hāzners nearly brought him to financial ruin as he paid a private investigator to shadow Hāzners to root out his imaginary network of Nazi cohorts, we suspect it was a delusion[1] born of the utter incomprehensibility of Hāzners' innocence—as are all such proclamations regarding Hāzners' "escape" from justice.

After all, no less than U.S. Representative Elizabeth Holtzman had declared:

“All Latvians are Nazis.”

Lastly, keep in mind there was no "trial," deportation is an administrative proceeding. And there is no "court," because the Constitutional protections which safeguard defendants' rights in a court of law do not apply. Hearsay is good enough to cast doubt upon innocence. Doubt is sufficient to deport.

[1]Silton himself admitted to his obsession over Hāzners, even hallucinations, in an interview with Rochelle Saidel in June, 1980.

Updated: June, 2017

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