Coverage of the Latvian LegionThe Latvian "Waffen-SS" in the press and politics

Our hope is that representation of the Latvan Legion becomes an object of historical study and less a tool for polemics. To that end, we devote this section to selecting and analysing a significant statement or news report from past years that the Legion has commemorated its heroes in their annual march in Riga, Latvia.

Each statement is presented, then analyzed with respect to allegations and basis in historical fact. As you read through these, you will see common themes repeat, such as "Nazi sympathies"—countered with the fact that Latvian Legionnaires sang songs dreaming of the day that they would drive out the Germans after driving out the Russians in a replay of Latvia's War of Independence less than a generation earlier. Where specific organizations, such as World Without Nazism or individuals are mentioned, or sweeping condemnations made, we investigate further as to whose agenda is being served.

Each review consists of three sections:

  • the news report, opinion piece, or declaration
  • an analysis of key contentions where they differ from historical facts
  • an investigation into underlying themes, significant actors and their associations—if there are important aspects not evident from the piece itself or its analysis

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